DJ Mixer featuring 4Duino-24

The 4Duino DJ Mixer is a fun and interactive project similar to a keyboard MIDI Controller that has the ability to play sample beats and [...]

14th October, 2016|

Assistance for Visually Impaired featuring 4Duino-24

Blind Assistance is a project designed to help visually impaired people detecting obstacles in their way. It uses 4Duino, three ultrasonic sensors, one vibration motor [...]

10th October, 2016|

DC Motor featuring 4Duino-24

In this project, we will learn how to control the speed and direction of a DC motor via I/O ports with PWM output capability, a [...]

7th October, 2016|

Pet Food Dispenser featuring 4Duino-24

In this project, we will use a 4Duino and several IR sensors to create a simple pet food dispenser. 4Duino checks whether a food tray [...]

6th October, 2016|

GPIO Control from Web Browser featuring 4Duino-24

In this project, we will learn how to control the on board 4Duino LED via I/O port (D13) from web browser. In built ESP8266 Wi-Fi [...]

30th September, 2016|
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  • screen orientation December 12, 2018
    Hello! I have a little problem with screen orientation where I would like to ask some help. I use LANDSCAPE orientation and 5 different FORM....
  • Angular meter - AngleOffset December 11, 2018
    Hello All, I just started with the 4Duino module and are creating a display/GUI with some guages. I like the Angular meter but then without the...

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