DJ Mixer featuring 4Duino-24

The 4Duino DJ Mixer is a fun and interactive project similar to a keyboard MIDI Controller that has the ability to play sample beats and [...]

14th October, 2016|

Assistance for Visually Impaired featuring 4Duino-24

Blind Assistance is a project designed to help visually impaired people detecting obstacles in their way. It uses 4Duino, three ultrasonic sensors, one vibration motor [...]

10th October, 2016|

DC Motor featuring 4Duino-24

In this project, we will learn how to control the speed and direction of a DC motor via I/O ports with PWM output capability, a [...]

7th October, 2016|

Pet Food Dispenser featuring 4Duino-24

In this project, we will use a 4Duino and several IR sensors to create a simple pet food dispenser. 4Duino checks whether a food tray [...]

6th October, 2016|

GPIO Control from Web Browser featuring 4Duino-24

In this project, we will learn how to control the on board 4Duino LED via I/O port (D13) from web browser. In built ESP8266 Wi-Fi [...]

30th September, 2016|
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  • Listbox for 4duino (Atmel) February 1, 2019
    My apologies if this topic has already been posted. My senior group project involves having to use the 4duino and we were looking for a sample...
  • 4Duino complile problem January 28, 2019
    Hello, I've been using 4Duino for a long time, but yesterday I couldn't compile my program (the code works well) 4D Workshop and arduino also...
  • Expandable memory? January 23, 2019
    I am using a SK-4Duino-24 for a big project. My program memory it is already in 95% of usage, and I am not finished yet. There is any way to...

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