28 11, 2016

Wireless Pulse Rate Monitor featuring 4Duino-24

By | 28th November, 2016|Categories: 4D Makers, Hard|2 Comments

The Wireless Pulse-Rate monitor is a conceptual project made for hospitals and clinics, its main function is to minimise the time that nurses or doctors need to visit each patient in a hospital. Usually, Doctors and nurses visit each patient to check vital signs, by using this project, they can monitor the patient’s vital signs [...]

16 11, 2016

Home Security featuring 4Duino-24

By | 16th November, 2016|Categories: Hard|6 Comments

Home Security project is a password oriented security device. This uses 4Duino display as the user interface where the password can be entered. 4Duino is also used as the host device in this project. It handles a buzzer, an ultrasonic sensor, a uCAM-II and a magnetic switch. As a home security device, it sends an [...]

12 11, 2016

Voting Machine featuring 4Duino-24

By | 12th November, 2016|Categories: Hard|0 Comments

The 4Duino Polling Machine is an inquiry project that involves two or more people and has implemented the ability to send and receive data on both ends. The Polling Machine Project works by sending and receiving Questions and Answers (from the Choices) in the form of strings. First, the Master 4Duino (Client) will select the [...]

10 10, 2016

Assistance for Visually Impaired featuring 4Duino-24

By | 10th October, 2016|Categories: Hard|4 Comments

Blind Assistance is a project designed to help visually impaired people detecting obstacles in their way. It uses 4Duino, three ultrasonic sensors, one vibration motor and an LED. These components are attached to a walking stick. Blind Assistance alarms the user if there’s an obstacle in his way. These obstacles are detected using an Ultrasonic [...]

6 10, 2016

Pet Food Dispenser featuring 4Duino-24

By | 6th October, 2016|Categories: Hard|0 Comments

In this project, we will use a 4Duino and several IR sensors to create a simple pet food dispenser. 4Duino checks whether a food tray contains enough food or not. It is programmed to read IR values from each sensor. These values change depending on the amount of food in the container.  The feeding time can [...]

27 09, 2016

Intelligent Buggy featuring 4Duino-24

By | 27th September, 2016|Categories: Hard|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

  4Duino Intelligent Buggy project demonstrate how does uCAM-II works. This project also utilized two 4duino communicating using Server-Client architecture over TCP. It also uses a buggy car which carry the 4duino server and uCAM-II. By using built-in ESP8266, 4duino client sends a request to 4duino server to move the buggy and capture photo via [...]

19 09, 2016

Obstacle Detection

By | 19th September, 2016|Categories: Hard|Tags: , , , , , |0 Comments

In this project, we will use several ultrasonic sensors to create a robot car with obstacle detection feature. The sensors will help us estimate the distance of the car from the nearby obstacles. Thus allowing us to create routines that we can execute when the car is about to hit the obstacle while moving. If [...]