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4D Systems designs and manufactures intelligent, cost-effective modules for any embedded microprocessor based system or as an independent stand alone system. Our All-in-One smart display modules offer a simple 2 wire interface to any host processor and the command set is easy to use and understand.
3 05, 2017

Web Control Rover featuring 4Duino-24

By | 3rd May, 2017|Categories: 4D Systems, Arduino, IoT, Projects, robotics|Tags: |0 Comments

The Web Control Rover is a project that will utilise the capabilities of the 4Duino-24. The on board WiFi module (ESP8266) of the 4Duino-24 is used to connect to the local area network and control the rover through another device by connecting it to the IP address of the rover. The rover can be controlled [...]

3 05, 2017

Candy Dispenser Featuring 4Duino – 24

By | 3rd May, 2017|Categories: 4D Systems, Arduino, Featured, Projects, robotics|Tags: |0 Comments

In this project, we will use the 4Duino-24 and Infrared sensors to create a candy dispenser. 4Duino-24 checks whether a food tray contains enough candy or not. Once the button on the display is touched it will send command to the servo motor to rotate, thus dispensing of the candy is done. You can also add IR [...]

3 05, 2017

Line Follower Rover

By | 3rd May, 2017|Categories: 4D Systems, Arduino, Projects, robotics|Tags: |0 Comments

This project is a simple line follower robot, where in we used the 4Duino-24 as the controller of the robot or rover. The rover will be on track of the line with the IR sensor giving the direction moving forward, left, right, reverse and stop.  How it works  Components 4Duino-24 3 Infrared Sensors Motor Driver [...]

3 05, 2017

Theft Detector

By | 3rd May, 2017|Categories: 4D Systems, Arduino, IoT, Project|Tags: |0 Comments

This project will show you how to make a simple valuable things or gadget protector. With the on-board WiFi of the 4Duino-24, we will be able to connect this project to internet and update the twitter of someone when another trying to steal our valuables thru thingSpeak. The uCAM-III will capture the image of the culprit as [...]

24 04, 2017

Temperature Sensor

By | 24th April, 2017|Categories: 4D Systems, Arduino, Projects|Tags: |0 Comments

  https://youtu.be/Rvi3-qmVJH0 In this project we will monitor the room temperature using TMP35 thermistor and 4Duino. The thermistor is an analog component able to read ambient temperature by either decreasing or increasing its resistance in response to temperature change. Hence it can detect surrounding temperature changes in real time. In this project 4Duino’s resistive [...]

24 04, 2017

Recording Cam

By | 24th April, 2017|Categories: 4D Systems, Featured, Projects|Tags: |0 Comments

This project demonstrate the use of uCam3 on 4Duin-24. This simple project can be used as simple as single capture camera or a continuous image recorder. In this project, we will show you how capture compressed images using the ucam3. You can use this project as a start for all other security projects, image capturing [...]

24 04, 2017

Arlo : Motion Sensing Robot featuring 4Duino-24 and uLCD-220RD

By | 24th April, 2017|Categories: 4D Systems, Arduino, robotics|Tags: |0 Comments

  Arlo is a module which features two uLCD-220RD as eyes which can be control via serial connection. A 4Duino-24 is used as a mouth to make it like a face. The  4Duino-24 acts as a host which receives data from the ulrasonic sensor and sends command to the servo motor attached with Arlo.  This [...]

24 04, 2017

Alarm Clock

By | 24th April, 2017|Categories: 4D Makers, 4D Systems|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

https://youtu.be/Ly3HrE6XKNg 4D Alarm Clock project is based on the concept of a simple digitakl alarm clock. It has a real time clock (RTC) which keeps the time updated. Time (24 Hour Format) and day are displayed in the uLCD. It has the menu for the Alarm Settings where you specify the time you want [...]

28 11, 2016

Wireless Pulse Rate Monitor featuring 4Duino-24

By | 28th November, 2016|Categories: 4D Makers, Hard|2 Comments

The Wireless Pulse-Rate monitor is a conceptual project made for hospitals and clinics, its main function is to minimise the time that nurses or doctors need to visit each patient in a hospital. Usually, Doctors and nurses visit each patient to check vital signs, by using this project, they can monitor the patient’s vital signs [...]

28 11, 2016

Stock Monitoring featuring 4Duino-24

By | 28th November, 2016|Categories: 4D Makers, Medium|0 Comments

  In this project, we will use several IR sensors to check if an item from an inventory box is present or not. This project makes use of a 4Duino-24 to check whether an item is present or missing from the inventory. The 4Duino uses its analog pins to read the values from each IR [...]