Web Control Rover featuring 4Duino-24

Projects:-Web Control Rover featuring 4Duino-24

Web Control Rover featuring 4Duino-24

The Web Control Rover is a project that will utilise the capabilities of the 4Duino-24. The on board WiFi module (ESP8266) of the 4Duino-24 is used to connect to the local area network and control the rover through another device by connecting it to the IP address of the rover. The rover can be controlled to move forward, reverse, left, right and stop. The 4Duino-24 uLCD will also display the direction of the rover.

How it works

The Rover can be control using a web browser which you can move forward, reverse, left, right and stop.



  • 4Duino-24
  • uSD Card
  • Acrylic Cut Chasis
  • 2 DC Motor with wheels
  • Motor Driver
  • Connecting Wires
  • 1 free wheel
  • Power Bank or 5 Volts Battery
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Web browser


Step 1: Build

Build the circuit as shown in the diagram.


Web Control Rover_bb

Step 2: Program

Workshop 4 – 4Duino Extended Graphics environment is used to program this project.

Workshop requires that the Arduino IDE installed as it calls the Arduino IDE for compiling the Arduino sketches. The Arduino IDE however is not required to be opened or modified to program the 4Duino.

Download the project file webRoverV1

Open this file using Workshop 4.




Step 3: Compile

Click on the “Compile” button.


Note: This step could be skipped. However, compiling is essential for debugging purposes.

Step 4: Comms Port

Connect the 4Duino to the PC using µUSB cable.

Then navigate to the Comms tab and select the Comms port to which the 4Duino connected.


Step 5: Compile and Upload

Go back to “Home” tab. This time, click on the “Comp’nLoad” button.

comp n'load
Workshop IDE will prompt you to select a drive to load the image. Choose a uSD Card drive and click OK.
Insert the uSD Card to your 4Duino-24 to finish the loading of the project.

After uploading, 4Duino will start running the code.


Step 6: Connecting Device to Control the Rover

When the 4Duino finish setup, use other devices such as laptop to control the rover.

Find the SSID of the 4Duino-24, in our case SSID : 4DRover1,  password: 4DSystems. After connectiong, go to the folder html and open the file webRover.html.

Your browser should display this:webControl

You can now control the Rover.







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