Wireless Pulse Rate Monitor featuring 4Duino-24

The Wireless Pulse-Rate monitor is a conceptual project made for hospitals and clinics, its main function is to minimise the time that nurses or doctors [...]

28th November, 2016|

Stock Monitoring featuring 4Duino-24

  In this project, we will use several IR sensors to check if an item from an inventory box is present or not. This project [...]

28th November, 2016|

Home Security featuring 4Duino-24

Home Security project is a password oriented security device. This uses 4Duino display as the user interface where the password can be entered. 4Duino is [...]

16th November, 2016|

Voting Machine featuring 4Duino-24

The 4Duino Polling Machine is an inquiry project that involves two or more people and has implemented the ability to send and receive data on [...]

12th November, 2016|

WiFi Temperature Sensor featuring 4Duino-24

In this project we will quickly create a ‘temperature monitor’ that measures the ambient temperature of a room or an outdoor space. The temperature is [...]

14th October, 2016|
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  • Coding Dilema November 9, 2018
    Hello I am hoping to get some guidance on this subject. I have a large project that I am porting over to the 4duino from another device. There are...
  • Does gfx_Contrast work for this module? November 7, 2018
    I have tried using the gfx_Contrast command but it does not seem to be having any effect. I am using Display.gfx_Contrast(5) to 'dim' the display but...
  • Re-generate code to link display forms and widgets, etc November 3, 2018
    I am trying to create a new project. The first time I created the project all of the code in the aduino section was generated for the widgets. I have...

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