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3 05, 2017

Candy Dispenser Featuring 4Duino – 24

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In this project, we will use the 4Duino-24 and Infrared sensors to create a candy dispenser. 4Duino-24 checks whether a food tray contains enough candy or not. Once the button on the display is touched it will send command to the servo motor to rotate, thus dispensing of the candy is done. You can also add IR [...]

24 04, 2017

Recording Cam

By | 24th April, 2017|Categories: 4D Systems, Featured, Projects|Tags: |0 Comments

This project demonstrate the use of uCam3 on 4Duin-24. This simple project can be used as simple as single capture camera or a continuous image recorder. In this project, we will show you how capture compressed images using the ucam3. You can use this project as a start for all other security projects, image capturing [...]